It all started in a small Bali Hindu village of BON, nestled in a deep coffee tree forest of Bali, Indonesia.Yuki met an enthusiastic coffee farmer, Pak Selamat, on one of her thousands of coffee farm visits, searching for a partner farmer to realize her vision for the new world of coffee.She wanted to increase the overall value of coffee beans grown in Bali by working with cooperative coffee farmers to improve the quality control system and plant more valuable "branded" varieties of Arabica so that their hard work would be fairly compensated.Since the beginning of the project, her dream has become a dream of many farmers and helpers, which is about to be realized.Each and every one of our coffees is unique either in varieties, processing methods or characteristics of the regions.Our "One of a Kind" boutique coffees will change your perspective in Indonesian coffees or just any specialty coffees in the world.


Since the birth of our project in Bali, we have stretched our wings to other islands of Indonesia seeking more variety in our product range and reaching out to more farmers with different regional issues and ideals.We now work with 4 artisans in 4 regions of Indonesia and are continuously trying to meet the undiscovered artisans.