Farm Visit & Stay

Sample Itinerary – Farm Visit & Stay @ DiBon Bali Farm

One night/two days
Off Season (October – June)

Day 1
9:00-9:30 Depart from Seminyak
12:00 Arrive at the farm
Welcome Orange Juice served
Balinese Home made Lunch served:
vegetarian(tempe) or non vegetarian(chicken)
Holy water from the land
13:15-13:30 Start of the farm tour
Introduction of the farmers
Showing/walking into the cowshed: explanation for our organic fertilizer
Walk up to the coffee demo farm
Walk up to our commercial farm
15:00 Start of the harvesting and exploring walk
Orange farm walk through and picking
18:30 Home-made dinner served
21:00 Lights off for the day
Day 2
8:00 Hearty Warm Breakfast
10:00 Depart from the farm
11:00 Stop at the famous Nung Nung Water Fall for some splash and fun
12:00 Depart the waterfall
13:00 Lunch at a popular local Warung (eatery)
14:30 Drive back to the city

DiBON バリ島ファームツアー・参考日程表


9:00-9:30 スミニャック出発
12:00 農園到着~ウェルカムドリンクは搾りたてのオレンジジュース
13:15-13:30 農園ツアースタート~農家さん紹介
15:00  みかん畑探索とみかん狩り
18:30 農園のお母さん手作りの夕食
21:00 消灯
8:00 朝食
10:00 農園出発
11:00 落差バリ島一の迫力満点ヌンヌンの滝へ
12:00 ヌンヌンの滝出発
13:00 ローカルワルン(食堂)にて昼食
14:30 帰路へ