Meet the Team

Yuki Onishi

Coffee Farmer/Visionary

Born and raised in Japan and have lived, worked, and continued education in a number of countries in the East and West, Yuki has become a mutilingual/multiskilled individual with a keen desire to make changes to people’s life in need. Growing up in Osaka, an appreciation for good food, hard work, and fine craftsmanship is essentially built into her life from an early age. For the past 9 years, she has set DiBON KOPI to be her life work and has applied all of her experiences, with her Osakan roots, to her social businesses in Bali. Through what she does with her “one and only” coffees, she hopes to be an useful human being, to make small changes in other people’s life, and to make this world a better place for our children.

Momo Wada


A super woman who speaks 4 languages, bakes, designs, markets and now farms! Momo is the leader of all team members of DiBON KOPI and Maitre d’ of all our businesses in Bali. A destiny driven encounter brought Momo and Yuki together in Japan and Yuki’s vision was quickly adopted and realised by Momo, who is now based in Bali full time with her beloved Balinese family and 5 dogs.


Farm Coordinator, The KOOP Cafe Barista

Born in a traditional Balinese family, Sila started his coffee career with us in 2018. Since the start of his time at The Koop Roaster & Cafe, he has been the most diligent and hardworking individual. Sila is now our kitchen hand, barista, waiter as well as the farm coordinator. He is also very well trusted by our farmers, which is the most important aspect to deal with them.


Farm Liaison

Born and raised as a member of Jelantik clan, who were chosen to assist the ancient Balinese royal family, Ngurah has also been Jack of All Trades.Having lived and worked in the US for 8 years, his ability for survival and broad social connections earnt by his pedigree have made Ngurah the most reliable and trusted liaison with all things Balinese, especially with the farmers.

Jacky Teare


Born in California and grown in the world, Jacky is an instant smile maker for all involved.With his Japanese/English ability as well as his wild dream to work in real coffee farms, Jacky has become a solid member of our never ending project.

Atsushi Maki


After falling in love with the coffee and people of DiBON KOPI, he volunteered to join the team in Japan.With a large amount of Passion and Perseverance acquired during his rugby days, he is on a run through Japanese peninsula, delivering our brand stories and one-of-a-kind coffee products to as many people as he can!